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Worldwide agents for Garry Kasparov, the greatest chess player of all-time.
Kasparov Activities
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Keynote Speaking Engagements
Forceful, compelling and knowledgeable are words used to describe a speech by Garry Kasparov. Speaking in English. The subject matter is at your selection and ranges from Strategy, Chess & Life, Logical Thinking to Politics and World Affairs.

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Armchair Speech with Moderator
Same as keynote speech except that Kasparov is unscripted and dialogue is "off the cuff". Garry and the interviewer chat for approx. one hour. Subject matter selected by Sponsor. Q&A follows. Questions selected by Moderator. The 90 minutes pass quickly.

A seminar with Garry Kasparov is a unique chance to get hands-on coaching from a man with a lifetime of high-pressure peak performance to share. These customized sessions focus on getting the participants to evaluate their own decision-making process, to find their strengths and weaknesses and, as Kasparov puts it, "to upgrade their mental software." Working in groups and directly with Kasparov, the seminars are an instructive and entertaining tour through dynamic decision-making scenarios, each prepared especially for the client. Previous seminars have included examples from the worlds of business, politics, and even military history.

Ideal for top management and especially for techhnology companies.

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Simultaneous Chess Exhibition (Simul)
A "SIMUL" is a masterful display of chess. This intriguing contest involves up to 20 amateur opponents playing simultaneously against Garry. Always for fun, easy to organize and usually for corporate entertainment. Organizer can add any number of spectators/guests.

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An Evening with Garry Kasparov
Private dinner with Garry Kasparov. The host and clients, less than 20 people to be effective No formal speech - just conversation over a two to three-hour period, topics include world politics, Russia strategy, trends and topics of general interest.

Private Chess Game with Garry Kasparov
Ideal for a birthday or retirement gift. Recipient plays a friendly once in a lifetime chess game with the greatest chess champion ever.

Advanced Chess Training
Garry Kasparov teaches chess to aspiring young players * Personal instruction from the greatest player of all time * Recommended number - 10 * Two sessions, 10AM - 1PM and 3PM - 6PM. Minimum two days * Attendance is by invitation only * It is possible to have 10 players on the 1st day and a different 10 on the second day

Product Endorsement
Kasparov lends his name to a limited number of appropriate products.

Kasparov's interests are "multi-faceted" and involve "world trends" or "world affairs". This is of potential interest to multi-national companies. This service requires in-depth discussion and can only be taken to the next step when the details of the interested company are known. Kasparov deals with the "big picture" globally for CEO's, top management and directors

Multiple Choice
Take any of these nine elements and mix and match to make up your desired Kasparov visit and program.

Speeches & Activities:Activities | Keynote Speaking Engagements | Seminar | Simul | Booking Inquiries

Kasparov Today

Garry's global reach is fed by a steady stream of keynote speaking engagements and appearance. He is the also founder and inspiration behind the Kasparov Chess Foundation, and highly active in Russian politics.

Kasparov today


Forceful, compelling and knowledgable are words to describe a speech by Garry Kasparov. Speaking in English, he is the new experience on the speaker's circuit.

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